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    Loss of License Insurance Made Easy

    by Global Insurance Agency

  • Pilot Disability Income Insurance Plans for All Pilots

    Being a pilot is a large privilege that carries a lot of responsibility. 

  • As a pilot, there’s tremendous work that went in to obtaining a license and staying within regulations. However, approximately 1 in 20 pilots suffer a grounding period of 4 months or more every year. That’s why it’s important to have a comprehensive pilot short term disability or other loss of license insurance so you and your family are covered.

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What is Loss of License Insurance?

Loss of license insurance protects aviation pilots when their license is on suspension.

In any other industry, a person diagnosed with high blood pressure, or hypertension would be able to continue working and not be labeled “disabled”. However, if a pilot’s blood pressure is not within the “acceptable” standard, then they could lose their license to fly or be suspended due to medical issues. Likewise, a minor injury in a standard job would still allow for a person to continue working, however, under the Federal Aviation’s Administrations (FAA) strict medical standards, after an injury a pilot may no longer qualify to fly and therefore lose his license. Pilots face many risks that could affect their ability to retain or renew their medical certificate which is required to continue working as a pilot. This makes it imperative for pilots to find and carry disability insurance through loss of license insurance in the right amount of coverage for their needs.

Get a Loss of License Insurance Plan That is Perfect for You

Long Term Disability benefits for Loss of License insurance offer coverage from bodily injury and illness, with the exception of psychological or psychiatric disorders. Some plans cover illnesses which have not yet been diagnosed, are incapable of diagnosis, or have classified diagnoses.

Having the right coverage, benefits, and rates, for your loss of license insurance plan is crucial. Pilots have many coverage options for their loss of license insurance under Global Insurance. Our experienced agents would love to find the best Loss of License Insurance coverage for you!

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