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    Personal Accident Insurance for Any Sudden Liability

    by Global Insurance Agency

  • Personal Accident Insurance: Personal Protection for What Matters Most

    You may have the best home, auto, or commercial insurance, but what about protection for the most important asset: your body. 


  • Personal injury can happen suddenly to anyone. No matter what the circumstances, you and your loved ones need to be protected against financial fallout. Here at Global Insurance, we believe that you’re the most important piece of your insurance policy. That’s why we offer personal accident insurance, or PA insurance.


What is Personal Accident Insurance?

PA insurance is provides compensation in the event of sudden injury, disability, or death caused by external, violent, and visible events. These events include, but aren’t limited to:

Accidental Death

Temporary or Permanent Disablement

Long Stay Hospital Visits

Policies can be taken out individually or for your family and can be customized to fit your particular needs.

  • Contact Global Insurance for a Quote on Personal Injury Insurance

    Don’t let a sudden incident catch you, your business, or your loved one’s off guard. Let Global Insurance find a personal injury policy that works best for your particular lifestyle. To request a quote, call us today at 210-499-0700.