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    Aircraft Insurance for Your Luxury in the Sky

    by Global Insurance Agency

  • Private Aircrafts are a One-of-a-Kind Experience

    Very few people know the great pleasure of operating or owning their own private aircraft.

  • There’s a lot of money that goes into not only upkeep, but also maintaining compliances and paying for licensing (if they’re their own pilot). Such a priceless treasure should be protected with the utmost care and best policy.


What is Aircraft Insurance?

Aircraft insurance protects a whole host of liabilities that arise from operating a private aircraft. Whether if you’re still learning to fly, operate a business jet, renting a jet, or love the freedom of flying out on your own personal aircraft, Global Insurance Can help you find a comprehensive solution ensuring your aircraft is protected.

  • What Kinds of Airplanes Do You Cover?

    Aircraft insurance covers a wide variety of aircrafts for a wide variety of purposes. This includes, but isn’t exclusive to:

    • Single or Twin Piston Aircraft
    • Personal Jets
    • Antique Aircrafts
    • Seaplanes
    • Sport Aircrafts
    • Non Owned/Rented Aircrafts

    No matter how you take to the skies, you and your aircraft are protected from the unseen liabilities of the sky.

  • Global Insurance Wants to Protect Your Aircraft From Any Liability

    Global Insurance is an independent agency. That means we work hard to find the right policy for your particular aircraft liability needs. To request a quote, contact us today at 210-499-0700.