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    Boat and Yacht Insurance

    by Global Insurance Agency

  • Global Insurance Keeps Your Watercraft Assets Afloat

    Owning a boat or yacht is a wonderful privilege that opens you up to new adventures.

  • Whether it’s for fishing or entertaining, your watercraft is a special asset that provides memories for you and your loved ones. That’s why, as a special asset, it should have proper coverage against any potential liability.

    Global Insurance understands the importance of having a quality yacht and boat insurance policy. You don’t want to be left adrift in rough waters. That’s why we’re here to help you navigate towards your best option.


What Does Boat & Yacht Insurance Cover?

Typically, boat insurance policies cover the most common perils related to physical damage to the boat:






Standard boat and yacht policies also provide reimbursement for damage to numerous items related to boating such as the boat itself, the motor, onboard safety equipment, towing services, and more. Some policies even cover complete replacement of your watercraft in the event that it’s totaled.
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